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Current vacancies

  • Job Title: TLC System Engineer

    • Job Title: TLC System Engineer - Ground Segment
    • Function: Products & Solutions (Communication Equipment)
    • Location: Rome, IT ;
    • Reports to: Head of Communication Equipment;
    • Mission of the Job: Contribute to the design and development of ground communication equipment for satellite services, with particular focus on Internet-Of-Things (IOT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications.
    • Main activities:
      • Provide support in the design of ad-hoc air-interfaces able to efficiently provide end-to-end communications in satellite M2M / IOT application scenarios.
      • Provide support in the design of suitable communication equipment at both base station and user terminal side.
      • Provide support for the development and maintenance of the SW tools able to simulate end-to-end telecommunication systems and derive the system performances at both physical and link layer levels.
      • Simulate the modem specific signal processing algorithms and contribute to the modem optimization aiming at best trade-off between complexity/costs and performances.
      • Support the implementation of the specified signal processing algorithms providing the necessary information for finite arithmetic implementation of the algorithms as well as SW test-benches
      • Contribute to the production of the relevant technical documentation in the frame of the various active projects.
    • Competencies:
      • Strong academic background in Communication Systems and Signal Processing.
      • Knowledge of Satellite Communication System is also appreciated with understanding of SatCom ground segment architectures for broadcasting, broadband, trunking, backhauling and mobile applications.
      • Experience:
      • Expertise in some of the areas below would be appreciated:
      • Communication protocols including quality of service aspects, upper layer techniques in IP and networking, air interface techniques
      • Tool or product requirements:
      • Good knowledge of Matlab SW tools for communication system modelling is required.
      • Good knowledge of general purpose object-oriented programming languages (e.g. C++).
      • Languages:
      • Fluency in English is required for the position;
      • Behaviours:
      • Strong analytical skills and ability to communicate effectively
      • Creates and encourages effective two way communication.
      • Team-worker whose working style is highly collaborative in nature.
      • Promotes and demonstrates personal and professional development for self and others.
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