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Space Engineering is a frontrunner Italian space company with 28 years of experience in space technologies, now part of the world leading Airbus Defence and Space, Space Systems. Space Engineering stands as a reliable partner for space agencies, satellite operators and leading companies in the space domain, with a significant amount of projects worldwide. Space Engineering has an outstanding expertise in design, engineering, simulation, prototyping, integration, testing, for Space & Ground, owning a significant number of international patents on antennas, radars, scientific software and Digital Signal Processing.




The Space Engineering new Assembly Integration and Test plant is located in Roma, Via Carlo Pesenti 101-103, close to Headquarters and to the premises of customers and partners as well as to main city facilities (e.g., Rome airport and ring beltway).
The plant consists of 1200 sqm internal area including:

  • Anechoic Chamber 12 x 8 x 7 m for testing up to 50 GHz
  • Climatic Chamber for testing in range -75 ÷ 180 °C
  • Thermal Vacuum Chamber for testing in range ‑160 ÷ 180 °C
  • Clean Room of 250 sqm ISO-8
  • Test equipment suitable for measurements up to 70 GHz
  • Motion & Attitude Simulator for mobile terminals
  • Digital, RF and Mechanical Laboratories
  • Logistic facilities allowing to easily accommodate and handle large size modules and subsystems.

The Space Engineering new Assembly Integration and Test plant is used for Assembly, Integration and Test of onboard and ground space equipment and subsystems, Validation & qualification of components for space applications (antennas, repeaters, baseband equipment)

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